Pines and Palms as you deep into the green

Our Vacation Home is surrounded by an enjoyable park. This green space is open to all guests, to spend time relaxing, reading or just enjoying a cold beverage, away from traffic and the craziness of the city.
Nature has an important presence in all our well-beings, it brings us calm and reflection. This is why everybody loves our park, guests included, of course.

The garden and the Gift of Nature

The palms and the pines and the tall pines, the well maintained grass and the bushes along the perimeter create a welcoming and fresh environment: many are the flowers, gentle gifts by the Lord that we love to take care of throughout all four seasons, and besides being a symbol of our devotion, they are decoration on the tables of our canteens and the other internal spaces in our Vacation Home.

Furthermore, there are many games available for children.
You are welcome! We invite you to come by and relax at the park of our Vacation Home, after visiting the city, to appreciate the calm and the warm embrace of Nature.

For those who loves sport

The Mother Speranza Vacation Home also has a football pitch, for those who love sport.


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