Right next to the Vacation Home Mother Speranza is the Chapel of Merciful Love, where the guests can pray and take part in the masses.

On request, the Church is available for the celebration of anniversaries at our Vacation Home.

The Founding Mother of the Handmaids of Merciful Love, Mother Esperanza of Jesus Alhama Valera, directed the construction of this Chapel in via Casilina 323, in the year 1950, after the Second World War. On the apse, on top, is represented in wood, the Crucifix of Merciful Love .

The Symbols of the Crucifix of Merciful Love

Chapel - the Crucifix of Merciful Love
Photo: Gianluigi Ceccarelli ©

The Crucifix of Merciful Love expresses the simultaneous presence of three fundamental realities: Jesus on the church, the Mass, and the Commandment of Love.

Christ’s sacrifice on the cross demonstrates the infinite mercy of the Father for the human kind and the great misery of human beings as a consequence of their sins. On top of the cross Jesus becomes the King of the World, as with his love that brought him to his supreme sacrifice, he brings each man to salvation (cf. Gv 12,32).

During mass a real communion happens with the Crucifix and Restored Love, with which man remains completely incorporated and identified with Him. The Communion to the Body and the Blood of Christ invigorates our will to love with truthfulness and concreteness, until it arrives to the total gift of life.

Welcoming the love of Christ we are free from selfishness and sin, we are reborn as new creatures, able to love as God loves. This is the new commandment that Jesus gave us. (see the open Gospel: “Love each other as I’ve loved you”).

The Apse

Chapel - The Apse
Photo: Gianluigi Ceccarelli ©

On the apse four Evangelists are represented: Saint John, Saint Luke, Saint Marc and Saint Matthew, created by the artist Iginio Cupelloni.

To the right and left of the Crucifix, who is surrounded by a number of Angels and Archangels that have, like him, nails and scourges, instruments of the Passion, two parables of mercy are portrayed: “The Good Samaritan” and “The Lost Sheep”.

Under it is the phrase from the Scripture: “I have loved thee with an eternal love: therefore, I have put up with thee with mercy”, portrayed at Jesus’s right, who performs the miracle of the multiplication of bread and fish; on the left is portrayed the Merciful Father, the parable of the “Prodigal son”.

The Last Dinner is portrayed in the center, with his disciples and the institution of Mass.

Below, a phrase by Jesus completes the significant evangelical scenes: ““Come to me those of you who are weary and tired”.

The Tabernacle

Chapel - The Tabernacle
Photo: Gianluca Benedetti © 2017

To the right of the altar, over a column, is the tabernacle, tent-shaped as it contains the Emanuel, the God with us. There is Jesus, alive and true, who continuously, day and night, prays to the Father for all of us, brothers of his and children of God.

On the sides of the apse, at the ends of the side aisles, two statues are collocated for the faithful to pray to: on the left is the statue of the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus and Mother of Ours, and on the right the statue of Saint Joseph, putative father of Jesus and chaste spouse of Mary The Virgin.





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