The family, a fundamental unit, the main structure to understand human and Christian relations, is essential to understand and live our charisma.

  • The main examples are: The Trinitarian Family, the Nazareth Family, Jesus and his parents, the universal Church and in particular, all families founded in Christian marriage. Our Religious Family is inspired by these models.
  • In our cases, it is not the links of meat and blood that base our familiar relationships, but something stronger: The Lord’s Merciful Love, exchanged among us as brothers and testified to all men.
  • We also want to learn from the Church to become a family in an evangelical sense, but we also want our charisma to always be more of a Family that demonstrates the Merciful Love towards the Church and the world..
  • Our Religious family wants to incarnate this communion, underlining the experience of “the only family” and “of the same thing” as requested by Jesus (cf Gv 17,21).
  • We are an “only family” because we have the same charisma transmitted by the same Mother. At the base of our family is the same call to live and to testify the Merciful Love that makes up the “charisma of foundation”. “God is a Father full of mercy that tries with all his means to comfort, help and make all his children happy; he looks for them and follows them with tireless love as if He cannot be happy without them” (Mother Speranza). We are called to collect, keep, deepen and develop this gift in the Church and the world.
  • We are an “only family” because we have one same spirituality.. The spirituality of Merciful Love is centered in the total gift of one’s self to the Father (obedience) and to friends-enemies (mercy). In this sense ours is a priestly spirituality (offering ourselves in obedience, cf. Eb 10,6ss) and it is charitable spirituality: the two aspects have to be together and will be clarified in the only mission: to priests and the poor.

We are an “only family” because we have one same mission. To get to priests, to children, to the poor, to those who suffer, to families, to the working world and to bring everybody the message of Merciful Love , it is required for the union on one side and the diversification on another, made up by the six modes of belonging to our Family.


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