The Grave of the Blessed Mother Speranza, in the Sanctuary of CollevalenzaCollevalenza

tomba madre speranza
"I am resurrection and life,
whoever believes in me, even in death, will live on;
whoever lives and believes in me, will never die."

Mother Speranza’s mission on Earth, as God’s servant, came to a close on the 8th day of February, 1983, when our Founder walked into Eternal Life, dying. As she desired, she was buried in the Crypt in her beloved Sanctuary of Collevalenza.
The shape of the mound reminds us “… a small grain of wheat, at the base of the Church of God that removes the soil and announces the new spike, the Church of our times”, as expressed by the words of the Jesuit Father Bartholomeus Sorge during the homily of February 8th, 1986, three years after the death of the Blessed Mother Speranza.
The pilgrims that go to the crypt, have the sensation of Mother Speranza still being there, alive, ready to welcome and comfort them, with infinite love and patience, having all the time in the world at her avail.

On the base of the tomb the following words are inscribed, taken from John’s Gospel: (Gv,12,14):
“If the grain of kernel that has fallen on the soil does not die, it remains alone; if it dies, it will produce many new kernels”.


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