"I believe that in order to educate the children that divine Providence has entrusted to us,
we must have more heart than science, more patience than pedagogy and be more mothers than teachers for them."
(Blessed Mother Hope of Jesus)

Scuola Amore MisericordiosoOur school dedicated to Merciful Love has the specific purpose of welcoming children in a family atmosphere, fraternal, serene and joyful, an indispensable condition for a process of growth and integral development of all the potential of the pupil.

campetto 2Following the spirit and example of the Foundress Mother, Mother Speranza of Jesus Alhama Valera, in the Merciful Love School, we aim to carry out the integral education of the children of the Spring Section, the Kindergarten and the Primary School. The Mother Foundress exhorted her Daughters, the Handmaids of Merciful Love, to be "Mothers of the Poor", recalling that the heart of the mother easily leans towards the child who needs help most and that maximum expressions will be dedicated to him of affection and care. 

Our school was opened in the 1943-44 school year, during the Second World War, in the Prenestino / Labicano district (Torpignattara) where there were many orphan girls or daughters of large and economically disadvantaged families and Mother Speranza was concerned about education. and the training of girls.

campetto 2Each child is a person full of unexpressed potential, to be directed towards the true good, to fully develop his personality and guide him towards the attainment of the dignity of a child of God.

In this School, which wants to be in continuity with the family, the environments, the initiatives, the behaviors, the didactic and educational interventions are aimed at expressing the language of communication that forms and prepares the person for life. 

campetto 2Communication, in fact, is built on love, attention and understanding of the other, on mutual trust between the members of the educating community and the pupils, subjects of education. 

This language, based on love that understands in depth, requires adequate professionalism and translates into unconditional acceptance, the ability to understand, share and help, and basically makes use of the engaging model of the educator. Being in this specific area, the School is rooted in its history and culture, taking on its problems and needs and trying, with its own specificity, to give them an adequate response. 


“There is no deeper collaboration in the sanctifying work than the education of children.
Imprint in them your love for Jesus and present him to them as a Father.
Be patient with children, bear their inconstancy and take them back without harshness.”
(Blessed Mother Hope of Jesus)

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